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Director | Theatre Maker

Lydia Cook, a dynamic director and theatre maker, is rooted in the vibrant city of Bristol, where she actively participates in projects spanning the United Kingdom and beyond. Her artistic vision is characterised by immersion, courage, and bold creations that seamlessly integrate music and movement.

Lydia's aim is to amplify the voices of individuals from global majority backgrounds and LGBTQIA+ community. She endeavours to bring forth narratives that resonate with authenticity, unveiling the rich tapestry of stories often overlooked. Lydia aspires to create theatre that is accessible for all to experience and enjoy.

Recent projects include the critically acclaimed "Oliver Twist" with Tobacco Factory Theatres, the international staging of "Holes" at the Wuzhen Theatre Festival in China, and the thought-provoking "The Future is Beige" at Bristol Old Vic.

Lydia Cook honed her craft at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, graduating with a Master's in Drama Directing.

Lydia is a member of SDUK (Stage Directors UK)

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